• In order to meet the needs for businesses and individuals doing business on the internet abroad, the need to rent a hosting, VPS, Private Server abroad to meet the access from international will be faster and more stable with more affordable, we launched the Hong Kong vps server service group, Singapore vps server, Canadian vps server, Malaysia vps server, Taiwan vps server China, China vps server, US vps server, and so on. Other service providers around the world mistakenly meet this need. 
  • With Digital World Hong Kong vps server service as a solution to the harmony between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server in terms of both cost and operation, so this is the right solution for individuals or businesses. Small would like to have a separate server system abroad, full management with Low Cost.


The price not included 10% VAT tax. Please contact us if you need more information.

OS Installation (first time)Free
Reinstall OS within 24 hoursFree
Control Panel Hosting Plesk / Kloxo / WebsitepanelControl Panel Hosting Plesk / Kloxo / WebsitepanelFree
Windows 2003 / Windows 2008 / Windows 2012 /Distro Linux / IIS6 / IIS7 / ApacheFree
Additional 1 IP100,000đ /month
Additional 10 Gb storage100,000đ /month
Additional 01Gb Ram200,000đ /month
DirectAdmin VPS250,000đ /month
DirectAdmin VPS Lifetime (one time payment)2,000,000đ / time 
Reinstall OS within 4 hours250,000đ /month
Daily Backup350,000đ /month
VPS Server Management500,000đ / month
  • Internet connection with 01 static IP and pre-installed optional operating system.
  • Free installation: Windows 2003 / Windows 2008 / Centos 5 / IIS6 / IIS7 / Apache
  • Remote administration and installation of software on demand without limiting the number of domain names used
  • Upgrade resources quickly and easily without interrupting service
  • Support many different IP Range for customers to choose:
  • IP HONG KONG – 123.x – 124.x – 103.x


  • The above price list does not include 10% of value added tax (VAT) when issuing invoices. Please contact us for better advice.
  • By default, VPS doesn’t have any type of backup. You can use the Backup service that comes with the VPS or please contact the sales department.
  • Free to move files, websites from other providers to DIGITAL WORLD when registering at DIGITAL WORLD.